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Industrial Remote Access


WebPort is a Remote Access gateway that allows you to interact with your automation system using native programming tools.  WebPort also provides extended functionality including data logging and alarm notification via email and SMS.  WebPort is easy to deploy and provides a cost effective, yet powerful and flexible remote connection to your automation system.

Remote Access to Your Machine From Virtually Anywhere

  • Secure access via the Internet or Cellular Network using
    a Virtual Private Network

  • Data Logging and Reporting

  • Alarm and Event Notification via email, SMS or FTP.

  • Simultaneous Serial and Ethernet Device Connectivity 

Avoid expense and time consuming site visits by proactive monitoring of critical data.  Extend your service mode to include proactive monitoring and notification of error conditions, visualization of historic and run-time data and logging trends and use patterns. WebPort is the solution to reduce downtime and improve efficiency through remote access and active monitoring.

WebPort Connects

WebPort Connects is cloud-based service which provides secure virtual private network (VPN) access to your WebPorts and automation system.   The network policy at your deployment location can provide challenges when trying to establish remote access.  WebPort Connects uses the secure socket layer (SSL) to establish a connection to the outside world resulting in reliable highly successful deployment.

WebPort Connects also allows you the ability to create meaningful reports using data published to the service from your WebPort.  These reports can be delivered via email or incorporated into dashboards allowing you a complete system view.  The service also supports document storage so you can consolidate your system documentation and programs in one location.

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Getting to Know WebPort

WebPort provides a secure remote connection to IP-based and serial devices.  You can use your native programming tools to access and update ladder logic in your PLC or modify your HMI program. 

 WebPort acts as a network gateway and provides remote access to any device as if you are local.  You can use the Internet or Cellular network to connect to your Devices. 

When combined with the WebPort Connects service you can create a secure virtual private network (VPN).  You can access WebPort using a web browser or mobile device and monitor data and alarms.

WebPort Functionality

WebPort has the ability monitor data within your system and to send alarms via email or SMS.  Standard analog and boolean alarms are available along with a multiple operand complex alarm.  All alarm activity is stored in system logs including alarm time, alarm value, user who acknowledged alarm and alarm return.


WebPort can also send and receive notifications which come in the form of reports or data sets.  A powerful scheduler allows you to periodically send information via email, FTP, or SMS.  You can also text your WebPort and receive a preformatted response with the data you want to see.


WebPort allows you to log data from your automation system. You can store the data on WebPort, publish the data via FTP, or push data to the WebPort Connects cloud service into a SQL database. Data can be used for historical monitoring or trending. WebPort also allow you to define custom formats for log files which can interface to your existing business tools.


Online Help

No matter where you are in the WebPort experience, context-sensitive help screens will guide you simply and effectively. No longer do you need to search through printed documentation to solve whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Online help provides comprehensive information about installing, configuring and using your WebPort to remotely access data and notifications from your programmable controllers. Online help content is resident to the WebPort device, so you can save time and get up to speed quickly, even without an internet connection.


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WP-R-ET-SW-0 Ethernet (Internet) Connectivity, 4 Port LAN Switch
WP-R-3G-SW-I Ethernet (Internet) and Cellular Connectivity, 4 port LAN Switch
WP40910 Cellular Antenna Kit
WPC - Device Register WebPort Connects Account
WPC - Account Setup a New WebPort Connects Account
(Required: Registered Administrative Email & Account Name)
Extended Features   Router Functionality   WebPort Firmware Update

• Data Logging
• Alarm/Event Management
• Real-time Data Read/Write
• WebPort Connects VPN
• Ethernet and Cellular Connectivity

• WAN to LAN Gateway
• Cellular to LAN Gateway
• Port Forwarding
• White/Black List
• Customizable Firewall


Firmware Update v1.8
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