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WEEE Compliance

WEEE Compliance Statement

The European Union’s Directive 2012/19/EU requires that equipment bearing this symbol on its packaging or the product itself must not be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste. Products bearing the WEEE symbol must be disposed of separately from normal household waste. Spectrum Controls’ products bearing the WEEE symbol are compliant with the WEEE marking requirement.

It is your responsibility to dispose of this and other electric or electronics equipment using approved collection facilities as designated by your government or local authorities. Proper disposal or recycling of old electronic equipment helps prevent potential negative impacts to the environment and human wellbeing.

Spectrum Controls relies on our European Union in country distributors (Producers) who can assist you in the proper disposal of our WEEE compliant products. For assistance with disposal of your old equipment please contact the distributor or company you purchased the equipment from, your local authorities, or a waste disposal service.

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