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Universal I/O Modules

Universal I/O

Saving You Rack Space

Save rack space and simplify your system. Mix and match analog input types in one module on virtually every major Rockwell Automation PLC.

Available on 9 Platforms

Allen-Bradley Compatible Systems

Allen-Bradley Compatible Systems:
2080 Micro800™ Plug-in
2085 Micro800™ Expansion
1734 POINT I/O™
1756 ControlLogix®
1794 FLEX™ I/O
1762 MicroLogix™
1769 Compact I/O™
1746 SLC™ 500
PowerFlex™ 753/755 Drives

Universal Analog Inputs
1. Current
2. Voltage
3. Resistance
4. RTD
5. Thermocouple

– Mix and Match Input Types
– Channel Selectable Input Filters
– 16-21 Bit Resolution

HART Communication

We also offer HART Modules

Analog + HART for 1734 POINT and 1769 CompactLogix I/O

Learn More Here

HART Instrument Integration