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HART Instrument Integration

Analog + HART for 1734 POINT and 1769 CompactLogix I/O

Get More Meaningful Data from Your Automation System with Analog + HART I/O

Simply put, the HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol is the global standard for sending and receiving digital information across analog wires between smart devices and control or monitoring systems.

Users worldwide who have realized the benefits of HART Communication know that they can gain quick, easy visibility to devices in the field when using HART-enabled handheld test, calibration devices and portable computers. In fact, device testing, diagnostics and configuration has never been easier!

Especially true for your process controls, Analog+HART modules maximize your system performance by combining real-time HART data acquisition in conjunction with standard analog acquisition and control at a fraction of the cost!

1734 POINT I/O Analog+HART Input/Output

1734sc-IE2CH  |  1734sc-IE4CH  |  1734sc-OE2CIH

  • Ideal for process applications where flexibility and low cost of ownership are essential.
  • Exploit the power of existing HART field instruments and build the foundation of a powerful control and asset management system.
  • Modules provide standard analog data and allow bi-directional HART communication.
  • DTM and CONNECTS support allowing interface to your asset management software.

1769 CompactLogix Isolated Analog+HART Input/Output

1769sc-IF4IH  |  1769sc-OF4IH

  • 4 channels of isolated Analog+HART input/output
  • Exploit the power of existing HART field instruments and build the foundation of a powerful control and asset management system.
  • Obtain real-time analog and HART data without additional wiring, external bridge devices or hand-held communicators.
  • DTM and CONNECTS support allowing interface to your FDT frame or DLL based asset management software.
  • Full channel-to-channel isolation.
  • Compatible with CompactLogix™ and MicroLogix™ 1500

Our Analog+HART I/O communicates digitally with field devices, increases input/output capacity and provides access to more field device data than conventional I/O subsystems. These unique modules greatly enhance device diagnostics, improving your control strategy by alerting operators to device malfunctions.

Through a wide variety of user selectable features such as selectable range types, process alarms, time stamping and filter frequencies, our analog+HART is flexible, while remaining cost-effective. The data may also be used as the foundation for your asset management system.

Asset Management Software

Connecting your asset management software to your HART I/O

You have two options to interface your plant asset management software to your HART I/O. If your application supports the FDT/DTM framework, you can use the Spectrum Controls DTM library to access the devices. The DTMs are available at along with installation instructions. If your application does not support FDT you can use our CONNECTS application software. CONNECTS emulates a hardware multiplexer and acts as an intermediary between the asset management application and the HART I/O. It translates the commands coming from the asset management tool and sends them over the controller network to the I/O.

Once connected to the I/O your asset management application will have full access to the device data allowing you to configure and monitor them from your workstation.

Spectrum Controls HART I/O Benefits

Commissioning: Quickly verify and document device configuration and calibration, verify the integrity of wiring and confirm the operational capability of every control loop—all from one central location. Verify and tune valve operation by performing loop checks and read back position via the network. Generate and archive system configuration data faster.

Operation: Access multivariable instruments. Dramatically reduce costs using Analog+HART I/O by increasing information flow four to eight-fold. For example, a mass flow meter can measure mass flow, temperature, density and volume flow. An Analog+HART I/O channel can read back all this information. Analog+HART I/O can also read actual valve position, number of cycles and status without the need for additional wiring. Standard I/O does not allow access to this information.

Maintenance: An integrated network allows more efficient scheduling, which can significantly reduce downtime. System backup is performed electronically, allowing for fast recovery in the event of a failure. Historical reference data can be used to identify trends and determine instrument reliability.

The Spectrum Controls Analog+HART I/O increases your ability to communicate with field devices. You can have complete trust in your signal, knowing that your Analog+HART I/O is in constant communication with your smart devices.