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Download: InView Add-on Instruction Ethernet Only (PLC5/SLC500)

Applicable Products: 2706-P72CN1-SC, 2706-P72CN2-SC, 2706-P74CN1-SC, 2706-P74CN2-SC|2706-PENETP2-SC, PENETM2-SC, PENETK2-SC, PENETM2C2-SC|2706-P92C2-SC, 2706-P92C2X-SC, 2706-P94C2-SC, 2706-P94C2X-SC|PENETX, PDNETX, PCNETX, PRIOX, PDHX|2706-P42R-SC, P44R-SC, P42C2-SC, P44C2-SC|2706-P22R-SC|2706-P92C-SC, 2706-P94C-SC

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