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For Rockwell Automation Compatible I/O Products please call the Rockwell Automation TechConnect Support Team. If you need assistance with our products, the easiest first step is to check our knowledgebase. Using a keyword search you can filter through hundreds of helpful articles. If you need further assistance, please call us at +1 (425) 746-9481 or email us at support@spectrumcontrols.com

Call +1 (425) 746-9481 or Email Support@spectrumcontrols.com

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Knowledge Base

Service Policy

(Effective January 1, 2019)

This policy provides the guidelines for product service performed by Spectrum Controls.
Click here to download pdf version.

Service Fee
Includes evaluation, repair or replacement of the product.

Restocking Fee
25% of Purchase Price for new factory sealed products that have been approved for credit by Spectrum Controls.

Terms and Conditions
• Spectrum Controls is the only authorized service and repair provider for the products we manufacture.
• Spectrum Controls will either repair or replace returned products at its sole discretion.
• All returns must have a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number prior to return.
• RMA#s will be issued by contacting Spectrum Controls
• All units must be returned in ESD packaging.
• Non-authorized repairs will void the warranty.
• Upon review of return by Spectrum Controls, when a void warranty condition is present, the product will not be repaired or replaced free of charge.
• Repaired or replaced products are warrantied for six months or the balance of the original warranty, whichever is longer.

Contact Information
Email: rma@spectrumcontrols.com

Restocking fee

25% of List/End User Price List.
Distributor inventory rotation (new/current revision/unpackaged units only).