4 Analog + HART Inputs

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The Compact I/O™ 4 Channel Analog + HART Inputs Module combines real-time HART data acquisition with standard analog acquisition and control. Each channel is easily configured for voltage or current signals. Exploit the power of existing HART field instruments to build the foundation of a powerful control and asset management system. Easily obtain real-time analog and HART data without additional wiring, external bridge devices, or hand-held communicators. DTM and CONNECTS support provides an interface to your asset management software. This module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you.

1769sc-IF4IHK (Conformal Coating)

This module is available with Conformal Coating (*K) to help protect the circuit board by providing a layer of protection against contaminants and humidity in harsh, corrosive environments. *Product numbers ending in "K" are the conformal coat modules.

  • Program and monitor HART devices from a single workstation.
  • Field devices may be interfaced directly to the module, eliminating the expense of additional external HART bridge or hand-held communication devices.
  • User-selectable range type, process alarms, timestamping, and filter frequencies.
Catalog Number: 1769sc-IF4IH Product Family: 1769 Compact I/O™
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