• Conformal Coating
    Protecting Your Automation Investment
    Conformal Coating
    1734 POINT™ for Harsh Environments

Conformal Coating

1734 POINT I/O

Spectrum Controls 1734 POINT™ I/O modules are available with optional Conformal Coating (*K) to help protect the circuit board by providing a layer of protection against contaminants and humidity in harsh, corrosive environments.

1734 Conformal Coated Modules:
4 Universal Analog Inputs
2 Analog + HART Inputs
4 Analog + HART Inputs
2 Isolated Analog + HART Outputs

*Product numbers ending in "K" are the conformal coat modules.

What is Conformal Coating
Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

1734 POINT™ I/O
Conformal Coating

Who should use Conformal Coated products:
- Water/Wastewater
- Mining
- Pulp and Paper
- Metal
- Food and Beverage Processing
- Tire and Rubber
- Oil & Gas
- Marine

Why use Conformal Coated products:
- Protects components from environmental factors
- Reduce degradation due to environmental hazards
- Minimize environmental stress
- Eliminate the need for complex enclosures
- Prevent the board from corroding
- Cost Savings: Components Last Longer

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Who is Spectrum Controls:
As a leader in I/O, Spectrum Controls modules lower your costs and enhance your system capabilities. Whether its mixing different signal types on a single Universal Analog card or putting more in your I/O rack with our High-Density modules, we help you win. If process is your game, our Isolated Analog and Analog with HART modules are just the ticket! Spectrum Controls has been a trusted Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner since 1991.

Spectrum Controls

Spectrum Controls

1734 HART Modules

Get more meaningful data from your automation system with Conformal Coated 1734 Analog + HART I/O modules from Spectrum Controls.

HART Conformal Coated Modules:
2 Analog + HART Inputs
4 Analog + HART Inputs
2 Isolated Analog + HART Outputs

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