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  • 1756sc-CTR8 v1.2 AOP

    1756sc-CTR8 v1.2 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1756-RMS-SC v1.16 AOP

    1756-RMS-SC AOP for RSLogix

  • 1756sc-IC32 v1.3 AOP

    1756sc-IC32 v1.3 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1756sc-IF8U v1.8 AOP (old)

    1756sc-IF8U v1.3 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1769sc-IR6I & IT6I v1.11 AOP

    1769sc-IR6I & IT6I v1.11 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1769sc-IF8u v2.09 AOP

  • 1769sc-IF8u v2.09 AOP

    1769sc-IF8u v2.09 AOP for RS Logix

  • 1756sc-IF8H & OF8H & IF8U v1.8 AOP

    1756sc-IF8H & OF8H & IF8U v1.8 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1769sc-OF4IH -IF4IH v1.09 AOP

    1769sc-OF4IH -IF4IH v1.09 AOP

  • 1769sc-OF4IH - IF4IH v1.09 AOP

    1769sc-OF4IH - IF4IH v1.09 AOP for RSLogix

  • 1769sc-IT6I Module Add-On Profile

  • 1756sc-CTR8 Module Add-On Profile (1)

  • 1756sc-IF8U v1.8 AOP


  • 1734sc AOP v1.2

    1734sc AOP v1.2

  • 1756 ControlLogix®

    High-performance specialty I/O designed for the ControlLogix® platform.

  • 1756-RMS-SC

    The ControlLogix® 8 Channel Power Monitoring Inputs Module simultaneously measures single-phase volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS and calculates real power, apparent power, reactive power, and leading or lagging power factor: economically monitoring up to 8 single phase loads. This module enables your controller to respond in real time to power variances outside of your predetermined envelope of proper operation. Reduce power consumption with our 1756-RMS-SC rack mounted power monitor. The 1756-RMS-SC module easily mounts into a standard ControlLogix® rack and has its own AOP for use with Studio 5000 projects. This module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you.