4-Inch High InView Display

4-Inch Display
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2706-P42R-SC $2614.00
2706-P42C-SC $3203.00
2706-P42C2-SC $3203.00
2706-P44R-SC $4458.00
2706-P44C2-SC $5355.00

Product Description

View real-time actionable data from your Rockwell Automation systems. InView displays offer a vastly superior viewing angle than most LCD and LED displays. Display up to 2 lines of text or one 4.8-inch line, viewable from up to 200 feet away. The 4-inch line is available at 36-inches or 72-inches wide, in red, tricolor or full-color. With a display size of 36-inches x 4.8-inches, your message is visible where it matters most. Messages can be triggered via programmable logic controllers and programmable automation controllers. The intuitive browser-based & OS independent setup means there is no need for separate software. Easily upgrade your legacy Remote I/O, DH-485, DH+, DeviceNet, & ControlNet comms module. All InView displays come with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you.

  • 24/7 precision support from Rockwell Automation TechConnect.
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™ & EtherNet TCP/IP.
  • NEMA Type 12
Catalog Number: 2706-P42R-SC/P42C-SC/P44R-SC/P42C2-SC/P44C2-SC Product Family: InView™
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InView Add-on Instruction Ethernet Only Download
InView Manual Download
InView Quickstart Download
InView 1.04.35 Firmware Download
InView 1.04 Release Download
Service Policy Download
Obtaining InView Comms Module Serial Address Download
Triggering 2706-PENETx2 Messages From PC Download
InView Display Specifications Download
RS-485 EOL Terminating Resistors Download
InView Firmware Update Download

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