16 Thermocouple Analog Inputs

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2085-IT16-SC $753
Spare RTB Kit, 2085 $50

Product Description

The Micro800™ 16 Channel Thermocouple Analog Inputs Module minimizes your cost per I/O point with our affordable thermocouple analog module with high-resolution temperature sensing and best-in-class performance.


Simplify your installation, and lower your total system costs by standardizing on our price competitive thermocouple I/O.

  • Supports up to 16 thermocouple inputs.
  • Differential inputs provide low-level, channel-to-channel isolation.
  • Configurable open circuit detection.
Catalog Number: 2085-IT16-SC Product Family: 2085 Micro800™
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2085-IT8/16-SC Manual Download
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