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The ControlLogix® 8 Channel Power Monitoring Inputs Module simultaneously measures single-phase volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS and calculates real power, apparent power, reactive power, and leading or lagging power factor: economically monitoring up to 8 single phase loads. This module enables your controller to respond in real time to power variances outside of your predetermined envelope of proper operation. Reduce power consumption with our 1756-RMS-SC rack mounted power monitor. The 1756-RMS-SC module easily mounts into a standard ControlLogix® rack and has its own AOP for use with Studio 5000 projects. This module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you. 

  • Eight isolated input channel pairs; one current and one voltage.
  • Easily configured using RSLogix software.
  • Non-typical AC waveforms supported such as phase angle fired SCR waveforms.
Catalog Number: 1756-RMS-SC Product Family: 1756 ControlLogix®
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1756-RMS-SC EDS File Download
1756-RMS-SC Quick Start Download
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Spectrum 1756 Analog AOP Rel V1.18.00 Download
RMS Saves Platinum Electrodes White Paper Download
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ControlLogix Tech Note: Resolving Run-Time Error 91 Download
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