8 Isolated AC Triac Outputs (74-276V)

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**Obsolete, repair only**

The SLC 500™ 8 Channel Isolated AC Triac Outputs (74-276V) Module provides 8, triac-controlled, isolated-circuit outputs, each with its own common. This module also provides a broad operating range for increased versatility. It is designed for use with high inductive loads, such as solenoids, relays, and motor starters. Unlike relay outputs, triac outputs do not require back-EMF surge suppression for many inductive loads. A triac output module is also a good replacement for a relay output module when solid-state speed and reliability are desired. This module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you.

  • Each circuit is individually protected, and provides a 'fuse blown' indication to the SLC 500™, identifying which fuse has opened.
  • Provides one common per output and 1500 V output-to-output isolation to allow mixing phases and control voltages on one module.
  • Completely solid-state with no relays to fail.
Catalog Number: 1746sc-OAP8I Product Family: 1746 SLC™ 500
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